Single Compartment

Single Compartment

The idea of spending $ 1,000 or even $ 2,000, a beautifully decorated cake – knowing that it will be eaten before it even can be fully appreciated – not feeling well with the majority. Fortunately, however, there is a way to avoid this problem easily and get fairly large wedding cakes with pictures drawn as you see fit, without costing a fortune either. How, you ask? Simple, with a car, fake wedding cake!

Before you think that this is a bad idea and mission know immediately, you should know that the cake will be 100% real in their eyes. First, it will not be plastic, and secondly, during the ceremony will be cut of view. How do you get 2 feats without anyone knowing? Simple, real fondant icing is used in the wedding cake designs and a single real piece of cake (sheet cake usually) hidden in a secret compartment that only you and your husband (or wife) know.

The all the time before that the cake is cut, the guests were fooled into thinking that is 100% real, as it looks and feels that way, even – but the truth is that its filled with styrofoam cheap. When the time comes, you and your partner cut the cake as normal and no one will notice because the cake was held in the secret compartment. Then will be taken away to be "cut & serve" for guests, as they know anyway. Weding The real cake for the guest will be extremely cheap yet very tasty sheet cake. The rent, false wedding cake will be packed away and then sent back at a later date.

Imagine what you could do with a savings of $ 1,500 or more by using a fake cake that his dream has designs wedding cakes. The money could go toward that perfect wedding dress, could pay a large portion of food and drink bill, which could help with the rental location, or could even be used for household expenses moon Honey!

With such a cheap and easily available, not just silly to buy a personalized cake with the best, top line designs wedding cakes, it's downright crazy!

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