Silver Cabin

Silver Cabin
How should I decorate my bedroom? I have 15 years?

Until a few weeks ago, my room was full of band posters. One day I decided it was too messy, so I took them all down and put up three posters framed horror film. Now it seems too naked): My room is quite small and because I have a bed in the cabin, there's really only one main wall that I can to not make it look too empty or too cluttered. I love music and movies, but I do not know how to put this into the theme of my room without posters. I also love computer games, and I really wanted to pacman make templates and set them around the wall of me for it to look like a computer screen, but I really do not think I have the artistic flare for doing this. Any advice? PS My bedroom walls are purple, and linen and curtains are made of silver and black (:

Hi, I'm kinda in the same position at the time I had a lot of band posters and things I had cut out of magazines on my walls, i then put down two motorcycle posters and I think really naked: (. So we will decorate the entire room. If you like music and I've been to any concerts and bought the t-shirts are now on small frame could T-shirts along with the ticket (if still available). that's what I do. Also if you want computer games (I can not get enough of lol) you could have a TV stand with shelves around the wall opposite his bed. you may also have your stereo, CD, DVD, console, games and other thing in there as well. if you have a flat screen TV might have on the wall and how you like the game may put some light behind the TV. ikea do some diodes called, are very cool it's also good to see your movie (: I think I could get some. you can probably buy some templates pacman or stickers on ebay. i can have white pen and write some of your favorite letters on the wall. that's almost everything you can imagine. It sounds very nice girl and I am sure The room will look awesome.

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