Shoulder Strap

Shoulder Strap
Can anyone tell me the name of the piece of plastic in carseats that the shoulder strap passes through?

I just bought a new car seat and has 4 of these missing pieces. I'm trying to find out the name so I can get them. Thanks! It is the small plastic piece that fits right in the back seat for children. The part that goes into the holes above the child's shoulders.

There should be a book that comes with the seat. Each piece will have its name shown in the diagram car seat, usually. What you are talking about means nothing to me, I use Britax seats. If you purchased in a store, pick up the box it came in and take it back. I think if you have another brand from headquarters down the road. Having children, who deals with all car seats child seat and booster seat known to man I can say this, but have never been missing parts. Usually there is a # 800 in the box and if I was that I call as soon as possible. If parts are missing, take it back. If you ordered online are sending the pieces soon! Best of luck to you!

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