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Fire at sea is different than fire fighting inland. The former requires different strategies, because the environment is not the same, despite circumstances during which the fire can begin accidents are basically similar. Accidents often occur when the ship is quite far from the coast, and in these cases, aid is often difficult to collect. Of course, it is imperative that all overseas ships to be equipped with fire fighting equipment marine. But really, no enough to have that equipment. Having trained people or you know how to put them in use once the need arises more importantly, for these devices would useless to anyone trained to use them properly.

Most accidents are caused by negligence and irresponsibility. Authorized personnel on board should begin making rounds to inspect all sections of the ship. Everyone on board should not ignore the importance of being constantly alert to ensure the safety of all others, as well as the safety of the whole ship afloat.

Fire is one of maritime disasters more frequent and occurs as a result of many factors. Firefighters are classified into four classes. The first is due to the combustible material like wood and paper. This class can be extinguished with water. However, other types of fires caused by other factors can not be set easily by water-based fire extinguishers. Class B Flammable liquids cause fire. Petroleum, Oil and LPG can feed the fire that can not be put out by the simple application of water. mist of water can extinguish the flames by removing heat. foam extinguishers can starve the fire of oxygen. Steam can be used in some cases. Electrical equipment Class C fire causes, who is killed using carbon dioxide-based fire extinguishing equipment. Exposure accidental reactive metals like sodium and magnesium can cause rapid evolution of heat that causes the fire. While water mist is effective in the fire of magnesium dust Dry chemical extinguishers put the fire-induced sodium.

Note that proper storage of chemicals and flammable liquids is essential in fire prevention. As earlier suggested that it is not enough to install fire safety devices. prevention measures must be instilled.

The Staff Council of the accident can put out the fire using a portable computer and installed minor. However, immediate actions, such as need for external support and assistance and to inform nearby vessels.

firefighting operations on a boat is hard. A team will go up and down stairs and narrow passageways. In some cases, where the fire originated inside bottom of the ship, firefighters will have to try to spread the sweltering heat and smoke, while downwards. Therefore, the use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is important to avoid suffocation and impending death from inhaling smoke and toxic gases.

Medical help is at hand, and transport of everyone on board, wounded or not, consider whether impends fire to spread unchecked. Severe cases of Disaster evacuation system should immediately fire all the crew and passengers. Only trained and professional firefighters should remain on board. This is of utmost importance. Some people may want to return to their cabins, hoping to come back for important belongings. Should not be allowed to enter the danger zone.

Damage control is another essential task to preserve the integrity of the ship. The importance of inspecting the sealing property of the ship is basic in maintaining stability. When the fires have died down, the next tedious task, including verification of the extent of damage and have the boat undergo rehabilitation.

Fire prevention on ships should be carried out and observed by all units. The cost of neglect can be tremendous, but a little prevention can save lives.

Furthermore, firefighting is hard and should only be performed by trained personnel with equipment to combat appropriate fire.

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