Sheepskin Fur

Sheepskin Fur
The use of fur and leather ….?

Is that bad? I mean some people use sheepskin leather and the like, as it is uggs last longer and are more durable and have better quality and can last for years unlike substitue material that is cheap, can not last long, and easily gets ruined. is wrong to wear uggs and leather? some people just use it for random fashion, but some people use it for good reasons and for its quality, unlike replacement materials, not last long. do not believe something like buy a JanSport backpack that lasts longer and is Touger Randon unlike synthetic bags that fall apart …. please give opinions …. in a calm way! geez some questions that I see that vicious people who are all mono SH! t crazy …. Some people like to have their own opinions without a person who thinks differently is going all crazy ……………. : D

I see nothing wrong with using leather or skin. You're right, they make better quality games than the type synthesis. Moreover, things like synthetic leather or fake fur is made of hard plastic that never degrade, and in order to do these things, required a large amount of oil, releasing enormous amounts of pollution into the atmosphere. Honestly, if you're against leather or fur, that's fine, but I hate when girls give me attitude because I prefer to use a pair of leather boots, however, is using a leather belt, eating a hamburger, or a lot of makeup in which was also tested in animals. I hate hypocrites.

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