Shave Kit

Shave Kit
How I can convince my mom to let me buy a waxing kit?

I have 13 years, so you puberty is hitting me. And my legs are really bothering me. They are not really furry, but still want to get rid of it. We have a razor in my house, and it is soo old! My mom says using that, and says the new will not work. Blablablabla. I think a waxing kit is therefore useful. How I can convince her?

If only has a knife in your house, then tell your mom you're old enough to not share personal items with the rest of his family:) Let her know that you prefer buy a waxing kit to start paying a lot of money to have it professionally done. Do not hurt yourself just to make it let you buy un-not worth it. Just explain that you are growing and the need to begin to learn a different routine hygiene than bathe every day. If she gives you any agreement on this costs money, even a pack of 10 disposable razors cost only $ 2.00 Walmart, I think that's possible:)

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