Set Zebra

Set Zebra
Has anyone mixed Zebra Danios and Rummy-Nose Tetras tropical aquarium in your community?

I'm looking for my actions aquairum with Zebra Danios and Rummy-Nose Tetras. Does anyone currently has a partnership with these two species? If so, what temperature to keep the water does?

If I have a 46 gallon tank with 6 long finned danios and 6 drunken nose tetras and 4 Corien dotted silver tip tetras 6. they all get along very well and have had no problems with them. I keep the temperature in 77 days with a little lower on night (my light raises the temperature about 2 degrees during the day) that would have the tetras in the first place because they are a bit more skittish, once they are established in real time danios.My danios get to the first food that convinces the tetras that is sure to make out well danios stay mainly in the above average and the average stay down and corian tetras stay at the bottom so no matter where you look there are fish in the tank. plus it is easier take care of my tank.

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