Set Turquoise

Set Turquoise

Turquoise is a beautiful stone, green and blue that is captivated mankind from as far back as 5000 BC. Primitive cultures used it as a religious stone, believing held godly powers of good fortune. Today is the hottest of semi-precious gemstones in fashion. But before you spend your money, make sure you know how to care for him.


Turquoise is a very soft stone, especially if it has stabilized. Avoid dropping at all costs! Even in the carpet, a landslide could chip or break. A large number of turquoise that is stabilized to reduce the risk of breaking. Do not let the natural turquoise clumsy hands reach.


In the same vein, do not store turquoise with more materials, and any type of push or vibration will cause the accounts to scrape against the rest of the content. If you store your turquoise necklace with lots of other treasures, do not be surprised to find everything is and some kind of scratch damage the smooth polish. A good way to shop is to buy turquoise cardboard gift boxes. They are inexpensive and are filling.

Substances Chemicals

Here is a suggestion that most women do not discover until too late: keep your distance turquoise perfume! Any chemicals such as perfumes, may cause damage. How depends on the chemistry and the particular stone, colored spots usually appear white. When you prepare for your evening out, apply your perfume above your neck to keep it out of your jewelry. If you use body spray or something similar, spray the perfume on your shoulders before putting the collar. Turquoise has stabilized a bit more resistant to natural chemicals, but it will not hold lot. Be sure to keep your perfume and its turquoise separated.


This should be easy. Try to keep your turquoise away from temperatures above 90 F. You should not have too many problems with this unless your turquoise is stored near a heater. Being exposed to high temperatures once in a blue moon must not affect the stone too, but constant exposure is a murderer. The vendors at flea markets and shows are especially vulnerable to this. Once I met a turquoise dealer who lost hundreds of dollars as the heat took a dim turquoise purple shade. If you sell outside the house, keep your turquoise shade from the sun. Do not throw your turquoise in a storage shed unless living with air conditioning or a cool climate.


Turquoise is a stone that requires constant cleaning and polishing. If you notice your jewelry does not look as bright as before, probably from absorbing oils the balls of your skin. Gently buff the turquoise with a soft cloth and should shine like new. If you absolutely must wash turquoise for any reason, be made swish with warm water and soap for about five seconds, then quickly dry with a soft cloth. Under no circumstances must the turquoise color in contact with products cleaning jewelry.

Turquoise set in silver sterling is an entirely different matter, however. Dip a reference point and carefully wash cleaner without touching the silver turquoise. When your back to its original beauty, go ahead and rinse the whole necklace in warm water. They dry rapidly.

Thats it! Follow these turquoise instructions and should retain its beautiful color for generations. If you're looking for original, handmade turquoise jewelry then visit to Gem] Gem [. Or, if you are interested in making your own jewelry of turquoise, visit Joya Reaper.

Turquoise Jewelry Set

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