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Many agencies of law enforcement are stretched too thin with not enough staff. Much of the reason is because after 9 / 11 many new federal agencies and existing contracts was in excess. This made it more difficult for local law enforcement agencies to hire people with the same standards. In fact, even made difficult for companies to hire security guards to people, because anyone who is able to pass the TSA or federal tests was to get a job with the federal government on a scale much higher wages with great benefits.

This meant that there was a competition law enforcement agencies for the amount that had to pay to attract the caliber of person needed to do the job. Since 9 / 11 the problem is still there and, recently, if you remember that the federal government established to employ other 10000-12000 Border Patrol agents.

The United States Army was able to meet its recruiting goal this year because the Americans want to help the country. However, many people who were hired by the U.S. Army and U.S. Army could also have been candidates to work in law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels.

Another problem is the shortage are in the category of institution correctional facility. Most federal and state prisons has more people in need. In fact, you'll notice that there are plenty of job offers for patrol roads, prison guards, police departments, Department of Justice, border patrol and many other federal agencies at this time.

Agencies law enforcement are stretched very thin in manpower and is very difficult for them to compensate for demand. If you are looking for a job in law enforcement could find a good pay scale and excellent benefits as well. Maybe you could consider this in 2006.

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