Set Stripes

Set Stripes
How I can make a table for a specific set of six characters?

I just need to know exactly what to put in the top left and the column / row of a table if I have six characteristics: L = long, short = S, W = white, Y = yellow, purple stripes = P, G = green stripes and how many columns and rows I have?

I'm guessing that when you say it really means a graphic Punnett Square. I would not use 6 letters to solve it. I would like to combine two features so that only three alleles. L = length, l = short, W = white, w = yellow, P = purple stripes, p = green stripes. I do not know which is dominant and recessive and if the dominance is complete or incomplete, so I can go much further in explaining. If you are trying to find would likely Punnett square to each set of characters (Llxll, for example) and multiply each probability with the features you are looking for.

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