Set Saddle

Set Saddle
I bought an English saddle and I do not know how to configure it …?

Ok SICE has been two years I have sat in a chair, English, much less a tight above. It came with the brackets already attached, but not the thickness. The stirrups are no big deal. The perimeter has two buckles, something I discovered how they are supposed should go, but I'm still not sure. I know that after fitting its supposed to set up your stirrups, and to say the least I've forgotten how. Any other you might need please send me an email to wakingup.laughing @ and I contact you. Thanks for all your answers.

Its perimeter is fixed at the front and rear billets, those are the three straps under flap saddle (Leave the middle one, is a girdle.). It works the same way on both sides. It is press it on the left side of the horse. If you need more space or less, you can bring up the strap on the right side if necessary.

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