Set Lime

Set Lime
Lime mortar can not be established at all when the water prevents it from reacting with CO2. CO2 can not diffuse to the …?

water is still capable to react, although very slow I have this information from a chemistry text book so it's not bad for a textbook to say 'the book of all "The does not say that requires no water … just says it needs CO2 to react and that water just happens to prevent CO2 from reaching the lime mortar

What is the reaction? Let `s assume it` s Ca (OH) 2 + CO 2 ==> CaCO3 + H2O CO2 dissolves in water and ionizes much CO2 + H2O <==> HCO3-+ H2O + ac, however, even small amounts of H3O + drives the equilibrium to the left and prevents the first equation, he said. Calcium chemistry and CO2 implies rather slow complex equilibria as shown by stalactites and stalagmites!

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