Set Expandable

Set Expandable
Does anyone make Big Button multi-handset cordless phone?

Essentially what I'm looking for is a phone Wireless for my grandparents. Only have one phone line for work, but several phones I would not have to run through the house. But they also like phones that are slightly larger and have large buttons on them. These new landphones get a little bigger than a phone cell. Now I can find good scalable / multiple mobile devices and phones Big-Button nice, but nothing that includes both sets of characteristics. Nobody know? Or have any good idea? Thanks

I think you want the phone system to allow multiple phones in the house where no one takes phone. If this is the case there is a system of wireless phone jack to connect any phone in a room where there is no phone connection. They sell in RadioShack. After the other room is created you just have to buy the big button telephones.

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