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Why would anyone be scared of adoption?

Please read below before answering to know the reason behind this is requested: My co-worker who is in college (23 years) now says it wants two children of her own and adopt another so you can give a child an opportunity and a better life that does not. This has always been something she wanted to do. I guess because she has a big heart. His girlfriend (27 years) is also in college, almost done but it is dead against it. She did not want to have children or adopt until they have established their careers. Both are in excellent race, so what is the problem? He said he would give to their children as having three of his own and has no problem with that, but he is totally against the adoption of a child. Why would anyone be scared of adopting a child?

I think this is a difficult question to answer because it is not you or a friend, but the boyfriend of a friend. Faith is the only one who knows why he is so against the adoption. Are you against the adoption or they simply opposed the idea that he also adopting a child? Many people have no thoughts about how you feel personally about the adoption because it is one of those things you think will never come up in his own life. This type could only assume that he could only love his own children. I think it's a fairly common attitude, but it changes for some people when want a child very badly and they know they will bring the adoption of a child. It is no different, I think, then, assuming that you could only want to adopt a baby of their own race or ethnic group or a family member or whatever – until the situation is part of his life. It's a shame this man has such strong feelings and agree not to contradictingly with her boyfriend. I think this is an issue that is best prepared before marriage. Whatever your reasons are for feeling Doing so is it to change or not change and there is nothing "wrong" with how you feel – unless they are "convinced" to adopt a child when he and knows not what it wants.

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