Sedona Summit

Sedona Summit

Arizona is one of the best U.S. states for hiking. There are numerous amounts excursions in the area of the state and all offer their own views spectacular experiences. The hardest part of hiking in Arizona is to decide when and where to go. Of all the hikes I've done, I thought it would easier for others if I share the criticism on the various excursions in Arizona I have done over the last year. So here are my experiences:

Tonto Natural Bridge

Length: 1 mile roundtrip

The Tonto Natural Bridge hike is a way wonderful that takes you to a natural bridge. Interior of the bridge, you can see the creek that formed the bridge in time. It is amazing to see how much water can do with the time enough.

The walk is a difficult, but really is not. The only hard part is walking the steep gravel path. Be sure to bring some hiking or tennis shoes to make this journey.

Perez Mountain Road

Length: 0.7 One Way

Perez El Camino Mountain is a short but startling increase over the red rocks of Sedona. The trail leads to the top of the mountain Perez a table overlooking the Bear Mountain, along with many others.

There is a lot of interesting things to see once you are in the top of the table so plan more time and walk to do this walk. It is also a good idea to bring some food for a picnic along and that there are places you can sit on the rocks and enjoy views.

Humphreys Peak Trail

Duration: 9 miles round trip

Humphreys Peak is the point highest in the state of Arizona. Its height is 12,000 feet, making this route very difficult. Not only is the trail of 9 kilometers in length, but also is very steep in places. Doing so without lifting handle as well, I recommend you do not try to reach the top of this track.

If you are for it, reach the summit of Humphreys Peak is a great experience. The best view in Arizona that stretches for miles. You can see the Grand Canyon of the top along with a lot other things. Tundra is the only Arizona, which means there are no plants that grow due to the elevation.

Head over to this Humphreys Peak page to see some photos from the summit.

So there you have it, some of the best hikes Arizona has to offer. I promise you will have a great time doing these trails as long as you stay safe. Never go hiking if the weather looks like it may turn on you at any moment.

Justin Wright is a digital nomad and blogger who loves to travel and take pictures.

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