Seat Rolling

Seat Rolling
Want to buy tickets anniversary husband's career and do not know what a good site?

Our 16th anniversary is approaching and my husband want to race that Tickets Rock & Roll 400 in Richmond. He just got into NASCAR and has never been a career before he does not want to buy seats.He shit going with my dad and I just I having a good time. But I know nothing about racing. This is in the Richmond circuit. Is there a place you do not want to sit in a race? Is it better to be up or down? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Simple. Go to the link below and click on the best available seats. They still have some in the section of Henrico that is protected by the sun, which is the key to Richmond Raceway in September. But you may have a different budget, etc. One of the things to do before making your purchase is secure seats that are not in the family or NO-ALCOHOL SECTIONS because they have a number of these in the Richmond Raceway. Laslty, click on the point of view "of this type seats "before your purchase. If your dad does not like doing stairs could be a consideration in the selection, too. They have a nice day, and it seems a very thoughtful gift. Cheers.

Front Seat – Rolling Thunder Yellow Coaster

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