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Cash "for clunkers" is over, but another government rebate program has begun, and will offer discounts for buying appliances home, and result in improved energy efficiency. The incentive program is a new appliance rebate program of the government that comes on the heels of the box "for pots "of the program and at home. The U.S. Energy Department is working with all 50 states to allocate $ 300 million to persuade consumers to trade old, energy-intensive appliances for new models energy efficient.

The apparatus of government rebate program will give the Buyer a discount of home appliances, possibly between $ 50 and $ 200, for replacing old, inefficient household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and furnaces with new Energy Star rated appliances

Did you know that the average household spends about $ 2,200 in energy bills each year? Change of home appliances that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating, you can save $ 75 a year in energy costs, while to save the environment. Until the recent news from the credit of the government apparatus (called "cash for appliances" or "cash for refrigerators") many Americans had heard of Energy Star appliances, but I really do not know much about them that does not cost more than the average equipment.

How Does the Government apparatus lowers the Work Programme?

Each participating State will have to develop a single plan to distribute the governmental apparatus funds reimbursement program for consumers who buy energy-efficient appliances at home. For example, the state of New York has launched its plan, and provides discount under a program of study called "The Great Swap Out device." Although the program began Oct. 09 is not expected to be at its peak until early 2010.

The participating States will offer discounts to consumers who buy home appliances in the following categories:

central air conditioners or
washing machines or
Dishwasher or
Freezers or
Horn or (gas and oil)
or heat pump (Air source and geothermal energy)
Refrigerators or
Air conditioners
or water heaters

The Bottom Line – save energy, save money!

When buying an appliance, remember that it has two price tags: what you pay to take home and what you pay for for energy and water use. ENERGY STAR qualified appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10-50% less energy and water than standard models. The money you save on utility bills can more than make for the cost of a more expensive but more efficient ENERGY STAR model, and the bonus government apparatus in place the playing field for purchases of appliances has stabilized.

For The Latest News and Information On The Government Appliance Rebate Program visit:

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