School Sport

School Sport
What are the advantages of playing a sport in high school?

A friend of mine really wants to play a sport in high school and is in the tennis team at this time, while just a freshman, and is just a training ground for 3 weeks, for now, and then it's a real game Once school starts. However, parents are constantly telling him to stop playing because we stay in the sun for so long gets its dark, is a distance measure to the unit, and believe that with all that, the only sport there will be problems. However, before you actually decide to quit the team, she wants to know if there some benefit to stick with the team. She really loves the sport … but do not really want to create so many problems with their parents. Can your benefits with the university … or thing in later life especially dealing with school?

There can be many. Gaining confidence, developing their own identity, camaraderie with teammates, meet new people, sense of achievement, physical fitness are just a few. Many of these things would be beneficial in school and in life. Many athletes high school credit or other extracurricular activities with helping in everything in life endeavors they chose.

Japanese Elementary School Sports Festival

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