Satin Python

Satin Python
I have a python hes about 1'1 / 2 I have 40 breeder cage baby girl, I want to get a man can live together

WANT TO GET YOUR OWN He's birthday. CAGE WILL be big enough for them? We already have … Two skinks (REAL FIRE AND RED FACE) of satin and ANGLE BALL PYTHON (CHAMP) ARMODILLO LIZARD (Damin) 4 hamsters (FATTI, TINY, CHUBZ, jumpi Jacki) 10 MICE

Snakes are solitary creatures and only come together for mating. You could end up killing each other, which would have to get a separate cage.

BRand NEw DKD Python Satin/Plain 3.5″ Gray Aluminum–ATS-34

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