Samsonite Train

Samsonite Train
How long before I get into an Amtrack I have to be at the station?

I'm going on an Amtrack for the first time this weekend. I have to solve all this before I do something stupid. I'm going to Chicago and I need help. What time should I arrive at the train station? Do check bags? Is there something special I should know about riding a train? When I get to Chicago, they tell me when it's time to get off? Should I take the 29-inch Samsonite roller on the train with me or have some place to say? Thanks

You however, your ticket? Look for the number of the train, and on the day of your trip, call 1 800 U.S. RAIL. Use the automatic voice to check the progress of the train. AMTRAK is never early and often is late. (Not their fault, they have a contract for other companies riding the train tracks. If other companies tell them to stop and pass through our train, they have to.) So if the train is going to be an hour and a half late, why stand or sit about an hour and a half? But you still need to be there 30-45 minutes before the train arrives. They check bags. Can be delivered to the station agent and not worry about it until you get where you are going. AMTRAK workers unload the baggage car and return your bag for you. In larger stations, This can happen carosel in a room, like they have at the airport. In smaller stations, it will unload the luggage truck and drive the truck to a waiting area, where the bags were unloaded. KEEP YOUR ticket stub, you will need the label to confirm it is your bag! Trains domain. There is a roller coaster, but when you wake up to move, keep one hand on a seat. Grab it if changes to train and not expected. The food is good. The dining car is first class but costs $ $ $. The price of the dining car meals are included if you have a bed chamber, so do not be shy! The bar is a small fast food restaurant with seating. They have ice, beer (they card!), Sodas, candy and food to nuclear weapon before serving. Get a soda and a hot dog, take a seat and see the world go by. Chat to any looking for interesting people! If you have the top bunk bed in two bed compartment, this is how you get into bed: take the right hand lane next to the mirror. Take the steps to walk to the toilet lid closed. Left foot steps up on the back of the toilet, just in front of the mirror. Left grabs hand rail on your left. Keep pushing up, release the railing with his right hand and turn the litter. (It's easy!) The driver will come and say: "Next Stop, Chicago!" during the day. If at night or seems to be lost ad, usually you tap on the shoulder and remind you that this is your stop. If you are in a bed chamber, which will call, and let you know you're getting close to your stop when you open the door. (He gives extra time in case need to load, so "near your stop" may be a half hour or more!) If possible, small backpack, and carry their belongings on the train with you in a backpack. That's what I do. While people with luggage standing in wait to claim their bags, grabbed my backpack, throw it over my shoulder and off the train. Jump in a taxi that are out there, and go! Do not worry. They have new drivers all the time, and you'll have a blast.

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