Samsonite Black

Samsonite Black
(Question trite) What color lable Black Vintage Samsonite suitcase I can go?

I'm in love with this line of vintage. My existing bought-em-at-kohls-on-the-cheap Cases are dark purple … so my first thought is OK Go With The adjusted Spinner in purple ink below (click to see different colors what I mean), but I like red. And the other cases in line all come in that color, while in reality you can not get any smaller bags of coordination in the purple. Only red black or khaki. So vent to my trivia question and give me your opinion. What does it look more fabulous for my jet set I? The purple or red? * I like the fans realize that is willing to spend more than 1k in suitcases … I travel for my job, is not as usual, but wouldnt Wow! *

Secure network, and also carry a red dress, you will be hot.

Bagage samsonite black label video 1

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