Salsa Cabin

Salsa Cabin
TEST: What is your power element?

Choose up to one response per category, the number of responses and I will choose a best answer at random and post your results along with it. To view the results by email, leave me a note. 1.At best, they are: brave Amar patient Fair 2.At tender their worst, they are: Depressed Anxious Angry Hateful 3.What appeals emphasized taste for most right now? spicy sweet and sour sauce, chocolate chips Lemonade potato 4.Which holiday appeals to the majority? A vacation on the beach with a lot of surfing and sailing. A cabin located in the woods, where you can take beautiful walks. Skiing and snowboarding during the day, hot tubbing night. Any summer vacation off days and nights of fun. A beautiful city in spring 5.You with tons of flowers would be more likely to major in: Philosophy Business Math Art Theater

1. 2 brave. angry 3. chocolate 4. beach vacation in May. theater

Salsa Dancing at the Log Cabin

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