Safety Money

Safety Money
flight security money before safety?

Now the planes are flying again will increase the engine controls are now unknown quantities ash in the air still has to finish her somewhere or will carry out normal after three months down the line of flight of some poor have a problem which, without doubt, nothing to do with problems of ashes after all, recognize its never happened before, but then again we are not fungible would like to know how often are revised engines

Regardless of how it looks airline passengers (consumable or not), the airline believes that aircraft as high in real dollars, the resources are not fungible. One Airbus A330, the model aircraft of many airlines fly across the Atlantic, running around $ 200 million. For an airplane. Even if airlines are cold hearted, calculating people who care more about money from customers, not going to risk their $ 200 million plane to fly when it is not safe. They want be able to use that plane again. If there was a possibility that had lost in an accident, would not be flying.

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