Safely Holder

Safely Holder
Dutch passport holder U.S. visa waiver pregnant and about to expire!?!?

My sister is currently on vacation U.S. (California) with a Dutch passport (visa waiver). He is scheduled to go to Mexico (by car) for a few days and stay in the U.S. for several weeks. She just discovered she is not 5, but more than seven months pregnant. Active than the total number of days they can stay is 90 days (including travel Mexico – the initial time stamp is not restored by the re-entry period) amounting to more than 90 days … Now she can not fly but can not extend the exemption of visa or !?!?!? (There is no intention or interest in migration) is stuck!? What can you do to stay legally not safe birth to a baby free of risk even prevent deportation? Thanks for the answers, but can not leave the country because the doctor says it is high risk and will not let you fly, I do not know exactly why …?

Edit: (based on additional information provided) I would recommend that you contact the Embassy or the nearest Nederlands of Bijkantoor Consulaat. Wens ik veel success! previous reply: She is not stuck. She can give up the trips to Mexico and get the next plane back to Nederland. Why can not fly? A provions control of several aircraft companies revealed the following: KLM Suggests consulting a medical professional before embarking on air travel at any time during pregnancy. KLM advises that pregnant passengers should not travel after the eighth month of pregnancy or after the 34th week of pregnancy if expecting a multiple birth. SAS No restrictions during the first eight months pregnant. A medical information form, MEDIF, is required for pregnant women traveling between two to four weeks of due date delivery, and travel must be approved by the SAS Medical Department. Travel during this time of pregnancy should be limited to four hours per flight on SAS. Within two weeks the due date, pregnant passengers are not allowed to travel. Lufthansa No restrictions for pregnant passengers during the first eight months of pregnancy provided that the pregnancy is considered free of complications. Lufthansa advises against travel if a pregnant woman is expecting more than one baby, have cardiovascular health problems, or has suffered a miscarriage. Suggests consulting a medical professional prior to travel at any time during pregnancy. Due to the threat of thrombosis (blood clots) is greater during pregnancy, Lufthansa suggested wearing compression stockings and elevating feet during flight. British Airways travel restrictions for pregnant travelers not until week 36 of pregnancy except for pregnant passengers expecting multiple births, where travel restrictions begin after 32 weeks. British Airways requests that passengers who travel beyond their seventh month of pregnancy bring a letter from your provider stating that the pregnancy has complications, and due date. It should also state that the pregnant passenger is fit to travel. Ryanair travel restrictions for pregnant travelers not until the 28th week of pregnancy. Ryanair may ask a pregnant passenger to sign an indemnity to confirm that the pregnancy beyond 28 weeks. From the 36th to the 28th week of pregnancy a certificate doctor stating that the passenger is fit to travel and the expected date of delivery is necessary. Pregnant women in their last four weeks of pregnancy are accepted for any reason. Travel Alitalia no travel restrictions during the first eight months pregnant. If you travel in the last four weeks of pregnancy, waiting multiple births, or having a complicated pregnancy, medical clearance is required. Completion of a medical information form, MEDIF before travel and signed by both the passenger and the doctor is required. The form is available for download from the site of Alitalia.

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