Sac Animal

Sac Animal
Help FAST! Animal Control!?

I have a roommate who called a possum in a trap yesterday. Feeling sorry for the animal before that my roommate is needed to control animals, I gave him some dog food and water. While putting water and food in the cage, I noticed 3 babies in it's stomache, (bag?). Do you have control of wild animals brought or uthanize has saved us? I need to know what I'm going to make the right decision in whether or not to release. PS. The whole reason for cheating is to help ensure the safety of two new baby ducks just bought. I do not want to rid their opossums and three future Free endangering our ducklings animal control not only the release anyway. If the animal control only the kills, then I feel it is my spiritual life duty to give them a chance. Please help quickly. Furthermore, if caught roommate will be lost again I soooo pissed! If I'm going to put released, I have to do it now, roommate comes home in 30 minutes. Just noticed babies a few minutes ago!

youre an animal lover. I do not know, but I think only must lead somewhere and let the possum and her babies go. : /

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