Round Suitcase

Round Suitcase

The new variety of tourism – travel to places where blockbusters and TV shows were shot has appeared in the world. Jet Set, travel around from where they shot the films become more and more popular. For example, after the movie "The Da Vinci Code" about 160 thousand people visited Rosslyn Chapel, five times more than before. New Zealand ("Lord of the Rings") and Britain ("Harry Potter") in recent years have become leaders in the number of tourists.

On the wall of Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh there is a poster with an inscription in it: "There ducts as shown in 'The Da Vinci Code'." The tour operator of Scotland VisitScotland in association with Sony Pictures drive routes "Da Vinci Code" and the train company Eurostar, the official partner of the film, not only offers tour packages with accommodation Paris hotels mentioned in the book, but has also created a web-quest in 2006, during which the participants, making a virtual journey from London to Paris was to solve puzzles and got discounts on the Eurostar awards.

A popular tourist management became places where Harry Potter films were shot. There is already a special "Hogwarts Express" (in fact, is "Olton Hall" train # 5972). Payment only $ 200 can make a trip from Oxford to Carlisle back. On the way "Harry Potter fans."

As part of the "Harry Potter Round" tour offered places to visit Borough Market, where several scenes of the film was shot and London Zoo, where Harry learned that he can understand the language of snakes. " The private schools to send classes in all.

After the movie "The Lord of the Rings" has appeared on the screens, the number tourists in New Zealand has grown 30% to a record 2.4 million people in 2006. There is a story in the New Zealand guidelines on the farmer Jan called Alexander, who have already become an anecdote. One day, in the year1998, when the humble owner of cattle watched rugby competition on television, the doorbell rang. Where members of the likes of Peter Jackson film crew on the threshold, the farmers asked permission to shoot scenes from "The Lord of the Rings "on their land. Supposedly, Alexander had muttered something like" Huh? What? What a gentleman? "Well, in general reluctantly gave his permission. However, after the first film in the trilogy has appeared on the screens in 2001, the farmer has understood hereditary sitting on a pot of gold. Do not invest a dollar in the ad agency created a thriving tourism Rings Scenic Tours, your website is translated into eight languages. A day trip through a "District" costs upwards of $ 50. In addition to a trip to dig where the hobbits lived and fir trees around which Bilbo Baggins celebrated his birthday, there are skydiving and helicopter tours offered to visitors.

Filming locations and movie studios have always been a place of interest and a travel destination. This has been done by the Moroccan authorities are building href = ""> second Hollywood offered plenty of opportunities for film producers and of course will be a place of interest for tourists.

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