Rotunda Series

Rotunda Series

Cars today are advanced, their computers can tell us when the tire pressure is low, some give us the accurate reading of tire pressure. But what happens when the warning of low tire pressure light stays on after a tire has been repaired or replaced? Tire and workshops auto repair today need to have the automatic right of specialized tools to deal with this. Choosing a Monitoring System (TPMS pressure tire) tool that can reset the warning light on most brands of vehicles is necessary, since most of the workshops in more than one type of car.

Direct or indirect TPM systems used in cars today. Direct pressure of the pneumatic control systems have sensors that can measure the exact tire pressure in each tire (including the spare on some models). The sensors tire pressure is either mounted on a steel band or integrated into the valve stem. These sensors have a battery that can fail over time as any another battery. The sensors are not useful, so when the battery is not the unit is replaced. Caution should be used to change tires with direct TPM sensors type which may be damaged accidentally break the cord of the tire when you use the tire machine. Consumers should also be aware that "getting a flat "or any similar tire sealant can damage the sensors.

Indirect TPM systems are not pressure sensors of tires on each wheel, using the vehicle ABS (antilock brakes), sensors, wheel speed to calculate the speed of each wheel. The idea is that inflated tires will also travel to the same speed. The computer detects the slight difference in the rate of under inflated, it becomes the warning.

OTC is the main OE (original equipment), toolmaker therefore counter makes most of the manufacturers dealer specific essential car (required by the manufacturer) TPM diagnostic tools / reset number of OTC GM TPM restoration tool J-46079 (Kent Moore), specializing in Ford cars in the number of tool to restore the TPM warning light Rotunda 204-363 (Roundabout CTTI-20006V4-FLM). OTC has two Kent Moore Rotunda, along with other manufacturer specific tools specialty auto manufacturing. The problem for the average auto repair shop is that it is not feasible to have each of the specific manufacturers of specialty TPMS tool automatically for each vehicle manufacturer. And, each manufacturer of the specific tool is only able to restore their specific brand. For example, if you have the TPMS Ford Rotunda tool that only works at Ford and not Chevrolet, Nissan, etc. The OTC 3833 Tire Pressure Monitoring Reset Tool is a popular option when it comes to the specialty car TPMS tools. The reason is that is made by the CTO and has software that allows you to have a wide range of coverage, not only between manufacturers.

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