Rolling Upright

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Rolling Upright

There is a high demand on the body at all times, and unless we take steps to promote optimal function and transformation in our system, we are dying of hunger for greater satisfaction, true liberation, the joy of being and vibrant energy.

The most important process in the body is breathing. This system incredibly complex regulates energy production, detoxification, blood circulation, respiration of the cells and much more.

The reality is that most people under the stresses of life and challenges to remove their breathing habits, and develop habits horrible and accessories. No wonder that a number of people who have developed the fears, diseases and is very fat, as a result of these things.

Learning to take control of respiration is crucial to succeed in life, develop healthy habits and improve living standards and eliminate the things that are harmful to the success in any area of your life.

Here are some techniques to take control of their radically body and mind and empower yourself to health energy and vitality

1.Bellows Method: Sitting in an upright standing position. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Try to feel that they are filling the diaphragm and lungs filled with air. After taking in the amount of oxygen as possible. Breath out quickly through your mouth. To ensure the effective expiration tighten the abdomen and exhalation.

After the first breath, make sure that each inhalation and exhalation are fast, intermittently.

2. Vipassana: This method allows you to fully develop the ability to feel and their respiratory function.

Sit upright. All you do is simply observe your breathing patter. Feel the breath filling the chest, lungs and other parts of your body. This technique takes time to develop, but you will be master of your breath.

3. Imaginative Breathing: Use the power of your imagination to create visions of heavy breathing and efficiently. Sit in a straight posture upright. As you inhale, imagine your solar plexus, filling the air. By convening the force as solar plexus, clenches his fists, feeling powerful, invigorating and strong.

As you exhale, the vision of the air coming out of your solar plexus and filling all other parts of his body, invigorating you with energy. Repeat this for 5-10 minutes.

4. Rolling Breath: Now that you have practiced breathing imaginative can create an image of "breath work." Sit up straight, and start to inhale deeply through your nose and fill your abdomen with air. Once you have filled the abdomen, "roll" on up to your chest and feel the air fill your chest with oxygen.

As you exhale air from escaping while of his chest and abdomen. Repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes.

5. Natural Breathing Method: This is how you should breathe normally. Sit in a upright and relaxed. Inhale through your nose. Try to feel air filling the chest and abdomen. In respiration in the chest and abdomen should rise broadened.

As you exhale through your mouth, feel the air coming out of his chest and abdomen together. With each breath, her chest and abdomen should fall should be compressed.

With practice of development a large breathing apparatus and start enjoying optimal enrichment and healing benefits.

For Expert advise on breathing, Check this out.

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