Rolling Duffle

Rolling Duffle
pawn shop to help the question?

I am in desperate need of about $ 900. I need the money within 10 days. Me and my boyfriend is going to a house local pawn shop on Thursday. What I can expect to reach them? Jewelry – solid gold charm bracelet, aquamarine ring, sold gold necklace designer handbags 2 – Louis Vuitton canvas bvag with broken zipper and a Dooney & Bourke never in perfect acoustic guitar Canon Rebel XTi DSLR – perfect condition additional lens, original box, manuals, cable camera, tripod and charger for Sony Camcorder – stranded wire and tape collection of original Canada stamps – from the 1800 and 1900 rpm 45 – mint condition rolling stones / The Kinks / chicago Canon Printer

Probably about $ 400. They will rip you off.

Murval Paris Rolling Duffle Bag

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