Rolling Briefcase

Rolling Briefcase
What kind of bag should I get?

I am 24 years of age prior to "entrepreneur." What kind of case that someone as I have? It seems that the hard roll packed with locks on each side that you take your hand are now in vogue. People seem to be getting the soft skin you carry on your shoulder. But common sense tells you that you can carry more things and be better protected in the most difficult. PLEASE HELP!

I have both. We have received the tender of the company logo on them. I think it is more versatile than traditional ones. Do not know what to say because it is the tires soft that allows more to get him. A hard, once it is full can not be closed. And if it is heavy, the handle is hard and difficult. The skin is usually possible to switch between use a comfortable soft shoulder strap and soft handle. practical feature of your hard square box is the lock. That will stop fellow office mates espionage. But do not stop a thief from stealing and destroying everything open. I tend not to worry about locking things paper company anyway. You can have an opinion different. So if any of the balances in one way or another, then it is only a matter of style. To my office, is less formal and not as stuffy nose, and their use is too hard to the tube.

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