Rockland Grand

Rockland Grand
baby names?

Ok so this is my first baby and I find out what it is wen. If a girl I want the name of Iris Payton If a child I want to name him Alexander Rockland I have a thing for weird names, I mean mine is very strange. I want my children to grow up with names hatred stronger than usual. So what do you think of this? 18 weeks and counting! well with the boys name can be called Rocky for short and when you get older and have children then maybe the child's name and call him for short lol rocky. Also his initials would be RAW is the same as his grandfather and the second name is of his uncles.

I like both names I think it is very important to give your child a unique name that I have a name of tradition and hated that I was always one of 5 in my class who is doing what I give them a cool name, first and second traditional name so if they do not like his first name can go by his middle name, common names bored people dress!

north rockland varsity cheerleading @ westchester…grand champs comp.

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