Rockland Bel

Rockland Bel

Pending confirmation of increased flows of foreign tourists to Italy, looking at the positive data (+4%) in 2007, is interesting to note that the "Bel Paese "hospitality, focuses on the analysis of a new phenomenon called" sustainable tourism ".

Sustainable means a new tourism destinations far from conventional, slow mobility, with particular attention to the relationship between tourism and nature in order to achieve a new balance between man and nature, following the strategies of harmony and respect for the environment.

It aims to promote the cultural, historical and artistic planning. People fleeing the more popular tourist destinations, and Green Tourism can offer an easy thing, again the country, nature reserves, parks, trails and trekking trails.

Investment in green tourism is something new and positive for the Italian tourist market innovation. The useful interventions that can be done to promote and describe the natural, rural, artistic and archaeological heritage and gastronomic traditions local.
This innovative hospitality tourism brings business to get specialized and increase facilities for the target tourists interested in sport and wellness vacation.

Its aim is increasing both as the age range and social status.
Of course, the main objective is to increase the tourist flows, the arrival of the division in all seasons and diversification of supply following the rhythms of the seasons.

The Tourism Enriches Small sustainable landscapes and creates new professional jobs linked to the planning, implementation, promotion and management of ecotourism cycling and green tourism business.

From north to south Italy, the most important sustainable tourism plans are born, to create new tourist flows, where conventional mass tourism has no interest and have been financed by European Found for recovery and the recovery of national heritage.

Tourists from the green are growing and appreciate the idea of passing on foot or by bicycle. To meet these new trends, hospitality structures to increase services customers, offering bike rental, guides a single expert or group, the distribution of maps and brochures on bicycle routes, the availability of specialists laundry for sportswear. All hotels take care about good food, menus and sport always rich biological ensure meals, in season and GM-free.

Modern society needs to reduce consumption and simplify everyday life of Italy Bike Hotels have taken up the challenge and offers your answer.

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