Rimowa Salsa

Rimowa Salsa
Should I spend £ 299 on a trolley suitcase Rimowa?

Salsa is the range in red and made of polycarbonate and extremely durable and the lightest That case got up. It has a capacity of 104 liters and is guaranteed for five years.

Miro on the road .. like a clock .. £ 30 is counted one time, so does a rolex £ 15,000 if you feel you will get use of it (travel a lot) and then buy one .. and baggage handlers to ignore it .. Chuck cars I I am mr .. Cheap and cheerful £ 30-40 .. . I'd rather spend that money on something sorta going to have much use .. for example, a new PC .. or a sound card for music (the RME I want is 300 Euros: |)

Rimowa salsa Cabin

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