Ridge Sedona

Ridge Sedona

Adventure Travel Northern Arizona

Arizona is a state where the adventure is limited only by its strength. You can explore the wilderness, trees pine, white water rafting, visiting the old west and gold leaf. You want to be by the water if you're visiting in the summer heat to maintain the strength of age up.

Page Arizona this small town sits on the Utah border with Arizona, although the Lake Powell is in Utah, the dam is in Arizona. Lake Powell is huge and if you rent a boat you will be able to raise a beach and walk into sandstone canyons that will make you wonder and soothe your weary soul. I plan for a couple of days of rest and adventure on Lake Powell.

Flagstaff Arizona is on its way to the Grand Canyon this small town in the pine trees. It may want to take a walk adventure here and just enjoy the aroma of pine and the quiet of the city. The Lowell Observatory is located and you can see our universe here on a clear night.

Sedona Arizona is a little side trip from the main road and worth the extra mileage. Once there is a cool respite from the desert. You can tube down the river at Red Rock State Park has a simple tube down the river while watching the red rock and the beauty of the area. Loy Canyon Trail is a long walk if you just want to stretch their legs.

Williams Arizona is a city with a Western touch for the past few days which is 30 miles west Flagstaff. This city is a great place to rest before traveling to Grand Canyon. This is where you can buy tickets for the historic train to Grand Canyon. Traveling to a slow down and kick back while you travel to one of the wonders of the world.

Grand Canyon one of the wonders of the world is well worth the effort of a walk. Remember, though, what goes down must go up. The Grand Canyon is 227 miles long and 1 mile deep. You may want to take a donkey to background. The bottom is a very different spot along the mountain range is the oasis in the desert along the Colorado River. If you are not physically able to do so the path of the bottom suspended glass bridge may be an option for a different view. The Grand Canyon is well worth the effort that can always camp a day and come back the next day.

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