Restyled Tote

Restyled Tote
I go on the plane tomorrow morning?!

Tomorrow, my mom, dad and sister are leaving for Dubai! Yay! Let's airport Heathrow and the plane leaves at 10am so we have to be there at 6, so get up at 3 am .. I go to bed since it's almost 11 pm but I'm too excited to get all my stuff packed! : D Anyway, since this is my last chance to check all, this is what I am taking as my hand luggage on the plane .. I will take it in my bag lvoers Harajuku! iPod 2 readers mirror lip balm portable compact digital camera phone and box of pencils and a lot …- magazines such as hair-seventeen-teen-happiness-note, sugar and fashion hair brush mizz Incase clips may decide to restyle new dell laptop pink me I feel like I'm missing something? Why list my sound enough to keep me busy for the trip of 9 hours? thanks! 🙂 X xx

OMG OMG: O: O me I'm going tomorrow morning to Dubai for my aunts wedding! I come from Belfast is nyt and stay at London Heathrow Airport hotel theres 30 of us on the internet im @ hotel i go tomorrow leaving from Heathrow to 40 termial 3 and B767-300 plane big lol i cannot belive itt jumbo: P: P what airline you going? Virgin Atlantic Airlines British Airways Royal Brunei

Traveled to China & Saw a Canadian Wet Seal

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