Resort Disney

Resort Disney
How is the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney?

I stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Disney tomorrow and I'm interested in suggestions and comments.

I absolutely loved staying at the beach in the Caribbean. My family and I stayed there the last time I visited Disney, and had a blast. In all seasons moderate skiing is my favorite. Like everyone else said, it is a little big, so try to get a preferred room. It has a food court rather well, and enjoy a quiet restaurant. The pool is large with a slide and waterfall, and usually pretty crowded. Each section also has a small pool which is usually not as crowded, but if I remember correctly does not have all the fun things with him either. There is a beach to play and you can rent bikes and boats water sprite to sail around the lagoon. You must have a great time when not in the parks! Have a good trip

Walt Disney World Resort: Behind the Scenes Part I

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