Rental July

Rental July

Is it worth installing a DVD rental kiosk in your store?

Small family businesses and department stores alike are wondering if they are worth installing a DVD rental kiosk in their stores, with the answer a resounding yes in many cases. The figures also show this, since according to the annual report on the Home Entertainment Industry, movie rentals accounted for $ 8.4 billion in 2006. DVD rentals made up 96% of that number!

Besides income, there are many benefits to having a DVD rental kiosk in retail space, including:

  • Very little head
  • Number of personnel required, eliminating the inconvenience and general
  • No overload of thousands of square feet of store space, rather occupies about five square meters
  • Open and available 24 hours a day in some locations

Moreover, the bulk of income from rentals comes from new releases, so instead of storing an entire store, most of which are found in old movies, you could stock a kiosk with new versions, allowing your company to reach 90% of the income of a full size store, without the hassle of space, staff and overheads.

DVD Rental Kiosk: convenience to consumers

In the hustle and bustle of today's world, consumers are seeking comfort too. They do not want to wade through a wall or shelf full of videos to find the movie you want to see tonight. Consumers want to be able to choose your movie quickly and easily, better still if they can be collected during the execution of another order, instead of making another trip to the video store the large box. Convenience has revolutionized the banking, food and other service industries, adding video rentals to the list is a logical step. Kiosks allow consumers to choose video while on the run, without the hassles of video outlets traditional.

Other successes in the market for DVD rental kiosk

In many places in Europe, the kiosks have almost completely replaced the traditional outlets for renting movies. Now in North America is seeing the benefits this method of video rental: fun, easy and convenient. Some kiosks allow customers to review movie trailers as they choose while movie rentals, so the fun rental experience. With kiosks appearing in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, buildings offices, department stores and other places and is easy and convenient to rent your next DVD from a DVD rental kiosk.

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July 12th – The top two rental floors

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