Rental Coupons

Rental Coupons

Car rental coupons are a way to save money on your next car rental.

There are many different types of offers available, and it is important to determine what discount rate that works best for you and the car itself. The discount rate you want to use, usually depends on the length or rental and the type of car or vehicle you want. Here are the most common types of coupons.

Car Rental Money Off Coupons

Money coupons are often $ 5 to $ 50 off the total price of your car. The amount of money usually depends on the length of your car and often the size of the cars that are renting. Most money coupons only work on weekly rentals or weekend. The coupon value is subtracted at the end of the rental, then all taxes and fees are calculated.

Free Day (s) Bond

You often find coupons for free days compacts to full size cars, rent weekly or weekend. To calculate the value of the free day you make your base rate (before taxes) and divided by the number of days of rental. This gives an average daily rate. This amount would be removed at the end of the lease (in alwayts, taxes are calculated first!).

Update Free Coupons

upgrade coupons can be used for single or double updates. By example, if a rental company's ranks from compact size – mid – standard – complete – Premium and wanted a full size, you would medium-sized book and can receive an update only for a standard size car or double for an upgrade of a full-size car.

The improvements are generally not guaranteed. Keep this in mind if you require a certain size.

Look for Car rental coupons in your newspaper local yellow pages, magazines and the monthly newsletters of organizations that have partnerships with car rental companies. Most coupons have a code discount, so you can use for additional savings.

For more car rental tips and to browse through a list of car rental discount codes, visit

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