Release Briggs

Release Briggs
Free agents motivated by money or equipment?

Here is the game … I called a free agent and name, if your computer came with money or by the team that surrounds / wanting to win a championship … here we go Lance Briggs, Bernard Berrian Randy Moss Michael Turner (for players that were released on behalf of what you think they will sign the money or equipment) Julius Jones Algi Donte Stallworth A. Crumpler Etc. Where Fanecea Samuels. Yes Asante Samuels was thinking of that kind around the horn

Briggs – Money Berrian – Money Moss – Pats will return to the championship Turner – Money and playing time Jones – Money Crumpler – Stallworth Championship – Championship pout – Both Samula – Money

Bert Jansch & John Renbourn play Anne Briggs

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