Red Week Timeshare

Red Week Timeshare
I am thinking of buying timeshare week beachfront resort red. Is it beneficial? What companies are best?

I am a Wyndham timeshare owner but I bought everything on the secondary market and have much and am very happy with the purchase. I bought more than 600,000 points and have been using spending time with regularity. In fact, I am writing this with my family, we stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment with a fireplace in the desert in Wisconsin Dells. We pass at the water park as part of the timeshare. We stayed for two weeks. These tickets would have cost me just over 1500.00 if I had to buy for my family. Basically, I pay taxes and stay in nice places at a price of rate cut. Even with that said I will never buy a timeshare in a sample, the cost is extremely high and have no more than if you buy through eBay. I have sat through at least ten of the presentations on everything for my friends who have time shares and get deducted from their taxes and support payments if they can get prospects to listen in I've never purchased through them, but I have a lot of free nights. I will say this however, of all the timeshares I have looked, campground, Vistana, Branson, Hilton, RCI etc, Wyndham / Fairfield is the best and if someone were to look at a market timeshare (secondary) I would recommend at least look at Wyndham. In reading these responses to all points if you buy through a sales presentation or a direct purchase of a developer, it immediately loses value. If that's the case, buy one from a person taking the loss. The timeshare is only worth that a person is willing to pay. If you are interested, check in the secondary market on Ebay. Just search for timeshare or timeshare Wyndham or RCI timeshare, etc. worth your time if you're serious about buying.

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