Red Gray

Red Gray
I have a question or the color of professionals and professional kitchen? red and gray?

I have a small kitchen with cabinets, dark green forest and honey yellow walls and dark I do not like my kitchen has no sunlight on it, so I thought that if I paint the cabinets white silver or light gray and wall a kind of a dark red but not all color names suggestions would help me so I can see for myself. and I was thinking of the word gray white diamonds in the center of each square.

If you have a small kitchen, you probably want to avoid bright colors like red. Some combinations of colors (Benjamin Moore even similar colors can be found elsewhere): Cabinets: Bayview Blue Walls: Ocean Breeze or cabinets: Walls Mascarpone: Tangerine Dream or cabinets: the dress Marilyn Walls: Bunny pink or cabinets: gray walls of Knight: Nugget or (if you really want red) Cabinets: Diamond White Walls: Poppy

Red and Gray Wolf Tribute 4.1.1

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