Python Trim

Python Trim

Most are from exotic skins scaly creatures than ever want to meet her alive. The largest variety, such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes and grow enough to eat a small child or pet. Less dangerous exotic type of eel, ray, lizard and ostrich. Exotic skins used in products Luxury for their beauty and rarity fit into a hierarchical order for the luxury and exclusivity.

Of all the alien species, the alligator and the crocodile are the most luxurious Australian crocodile alligator with porous and North America topped the list. Nile crocodile comes next followed by crocodile alligator humble. It is difficult to say crocodile crocodile. cayman square scales are more regular than the alligator and the crocodile has a small duct, almost imperceptible at each scale. With respect to each one itself may be wondering why anyone would pay for the porous alligator or crocodile over alligators. Side by side, the caiman luxury shines like a diamond overshadows real quality CZ. The experts will tell you the only way to be sure is to seek an 'authentic crocodile "or" true crocodiles "tag in the product. Price point is another indicator. Each time he says' crocodile embossed "or" crocodile leather is only embossed cowhide.

The highest quality ostrich comes from Africa, where ostrich farming for meat. Israel has a fledgling ostrich industry, but still not producing the quality of South Africa. Ostrich leather is soft and supple with a beautiful bird pattern. ostrich leg is also used in luxury products. Only a diamond-shaped area at the rear the skin has completely spikes. The edges of the smaller pen fence and called semi pen. The belly is smooth with all "no teeth. Higher quality bags be made with "full feather" only. High quality bags for the use of semi pen bellows and special pieces. pen is not considered junk even though it is beautiful, resistant durable leather. A quality brand bag used only pen and semi full of the best leathers and attention to the symmetry and direction of the tines. Not ostrich embossed leather. Look for the label and expect to pay a premium price for real ostrich.

Teju lizard and are next to the ring in the luxury leather exotic pecking with Teju considered slightly above the ring. The pattern is similar to the scale of alligator and crocodile, but much finer. From a perspective design and manufacturing, the lizard is difficult to work. The skins are relatively small as 38 cm or 15 inches wide at its widest point. Most the skins are narrower at one end than the other. To make a handbag, it is difficult to find enough large skins are spotless. In general, the skins are cut and rebuilt to make an exquisite handbag.

Python is the most popular snake skin used for luxury handbags today. There are lots of snakes this world, including anacondas, vipers, cobras and karung. Snake is relatively inexpensive and easy to work. It is available in many styles and colors beautiful colors glow days, metallic and black and white. It occurs in 10 to 12 inches wide and nine or ten feet long. There is an animal that you want to know in the wild, but impressive become in a handbag.

Here are a luxury and not just the luxury exotic stingrays, eels, fish and frogs. Sting Ray has a crystal texture gravel and is very difficult to work. The eel is lightweight and strong, but demagnetize your credit cards. Frog is downright ugly, with irregular warts. The idea of a bag of fish skin is good … is not something I want.

In the world of luxury handbags is a hierarchy with the crocodile and the alligator on top. The order is determined by scarcity, and the market. When you see a crocodile Hermes bag is made of nonporous Australian crocodile crocodile alligator. I can not resist putting end with this cliché:

See you later, alligator. At one time, the crocodile.

Catherine Fossati Healey is the CEO and creative director of Fossati: In a previous life, she oversaw interactive initiatives for Chrysler Financial. Handbags are a lot more fun than automotive financing.

Fossati is a boutique luxury brand specializing in exquisite limited edition handbags.

At Fossati, luxury means exquisite craftsmanship and materials, classic styling with an edge, exclusive, limited-edition handbags, and personal service. From the convenience of ordering online to the knowledge that you will not see your purchase everywhere – all priceless, rare little luxuries.

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Terry Lewis Lambskin Leather Blazer with Faux-Python Trim

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