Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

If you are looking for a Caribbean holiday quick and easy or Caribbean honeymoon, look no further than the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a great place for U.S. citizens to visit since the island is a territory of the United States. This means you do not need a passport to visit. Another advantage is it also will not have to go through immigration and customs. A flight to Puerto Rico is like any other cross country flight for all Americans. The island is not only is a popular destination for fly, is also a stop over for many cruise itineraries.

The annual average temperature in Puerto Rico is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Peak-season trip to the island is between December and April,. This makes sense since the temperatures in the U.S. can be quite cold during the winter months. To visit island when there are fewer people, a trip between May and November. While you can enjoy more privacy and less people, you must also bear in mind that this is also hurricane season.

Puerto Rico is somewhat known for parties and nightlife. It is a major producer of rum, which naturally lends itself to some serious parties. The city San Juan will be the highlight of your trip if this is the kind of thing you're at. San Juan is definitely the place to find all types of all inclusive Caribbean resorts. Saint John also is one big city to find plenty of shops and restaurants. The Plaza Las Americas in Hato Rye is the largest mall in the Caribbean. While the city has many of the stores you'd find in the U.S., the island feels more like Latin America. There are also several hotels on the island that have casinos, if you feel like to make a little game night.

The island of Puerto Rico is mostly mountainous with large coastal areas in the north and south. You will be amazed at the whole environment green and lush as it is outside and around the island. In addition to being surrounded by water, there are also plenty of water on the island too. All 17 lakes on the island are caused by man. In this small island there are more than 50 rivers as well. The long stretch of beaches easily lends itself to relaxation. Contact your travel agent today to find some great travel deals all inclusive to Puerto Rico.

A vacation to Puerto Rico is just what the doctor ordered. A stress free flight to a Caribbean island doesn’t get any better than this. Your Caribbean honeymoon will be absolutely perfect if you spend it at a Breezes resort. There are also tons of all inclusive travel deals available. So make sure that you book a stay at one of the Breezes all inclusive Caribbean resorts on this tiny, but yet amazing island!

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