Pueblo Bonito

Pueblo Bonito

It's early morning and you're swinging in a hammock strung between two palm trees. As usual, there is a sea breeze and although February is 75 degrees. There is much activity on the beach complete with the tropical blue ocean is even more peaceful. Apart from a fishing panga knifing through the water, the ocean is as flat as a mirror.

Suddenly, his serenity, like the Zen is shattered when, just 100 meters offshore, 45 feet long, 40,000 pounds of gray whale jumping almost completely out of the ocean, pirouettes in line and crashed down sending salt water spraying 30 feet in the air. Standing on the beach, with hardly any time to know if they really saw an explosion of nature and how you came out of the hammock so quickly, when this happens again – and then again. You are involuntarily jumping up and down, pumping his fist in the air screaming at the top of their lungs in one of the most spectacular displays of nature known to mankind.

Welcome to Cabo San Lucas during the whale watching season peak. Along with Iceland and Antarctica the Los Cabos region of Baja is in the list by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the first 3 places in the world to watch whales from shore. And for most Americans is not only easy to get to but also nice and warm.

This is a great place to exchange your timeshare because of the quantity and quality of the resorts of time sharing in the area. There are timeshare resorts from 1930 to 1940 contained in the RCI and Interval International. In fact, there is more time-sharing hotel rooms in Los Cabos.

You want to make your change request at least 7 months in advance to be able to get confirmed for February. If you own a timeshare powerful business or have maximized its power of change that can be done with less warning. You can expect daytime temperatures in the mid 70s to the low of 80 and is the perfect time of year for a visit.

If I change one of the timeshare resorts in the Pacific Ocean side of Baja, like Sol y Mar, Playa Grande, or Finisterra Pueblo Bonito Sunset, gray whales often come close enough to the coast that you can listen to spout. They come in so close the bank, because it leaves at an angle so steep that can rub his belly on the sand to get relief from mites barnacles and skin irritants. But be careful. The same conditions that make it great for whale watching extremely dangerous to swim. Many people have drowned swimming in the Pacific side of the peninsula Baja California.

A great way to learn about the whales is to make a dinner cruise at sunset rather than just a whale watching cruise. In this way you get to eat, drink and watch the sunset, while the whales are entertaining. And in fact have been a show.

Some standing on head and tail wave, others roll on his side and a flap wave at you. Another interesting feature that you can see is called spy hopping. Then a whale only his head sticks vertically out of the water, apparently to take a look around. Whale experts think they are really doing this to help swallow their food.

Most of the behavior of whales is spectacular when infringement. In general, large males is that they do this and it seems as if they were jumping joy. Whatever the scientific reason for this behavior is something I will never forget.

So your change request from the start RCI and Interval International and do not forget the camera.

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Pueblo Bonito…Putla de Guerrero

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