Power Voltage

Power Voltage
The tension in my power cap varies from inception to implementation

Every time I start my car, my power cap voltage to stabilize at a different voltage. Even with the amp out of it will be different. Sometimes only be up to 12.5 then stay there other times it is uploaded to 15.0 and stayed there even with my system. if it matters I have a top 5 power Acoustik Farad, Hifonics brutus 1606d and solobaric 2 12 "L7 running 1 ohm.

Sounds like a bad cap if you can not maintain a constant tension in the home. First, it was empty and then loaded with a cargo lamp, maybe just needs to be recycled. Has your battery has died or has had trouble starting it? This could also be a sign that the cap is gone, and it is continuously cycling through current, as it can not store it properly. When an engine is, with its system outside the cap should be around 14.4 volts with the engine off should be recorded around 12 and then decline slowly downwards from there that your car is at rest, but should not go too low. Sometimes I can control mine, and whether to use the Viper system to unlock my door, it detects a change in voltage and displays the current reading, I've never seen drop below 10.3 when the car has been off for a long time. But anyway, try to reload. Also check the ground lead. And hopefully it's as close to your amplifier as can be achieved, this will help the results. The cables from the top to an amplifier should be 18 inches or less (if possible) for best results.

High Voltage Cable Inspection

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