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Tamerica The SM330 is a laminating machine that targets small and medium businesses that want the ability to laminate a wide variety of documents. In the next review, we look more closely at the SM330 and are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the machines.


  1. One of the main features that makes the SM330 in a class a little different from some of the rolling stock of itself in the market is that its rollers operate independently of its control main power. You'll find that the vast majority of plastic sheet machines, rollers start rolling when the machine is on. Over time this has been shown to affect the longevity of the typical laminating machine, a problem that is not going to have with the SM330. With this machine you can wait until the machine is hot and ready before hiring the rollers.
  2. Another great feature of the SM330 is that it can handle bag sizes 3mil to 10mil. This machine can run laminating pouches with or without a carrier bag. Most mills are aware of others who either require carrier-free lamination, or need a company to work properly. As always, we recommend using a company whenever possible to help extend the life of your laminator.
  3. The SM330 is extraordinarily versatile that can be used for laminating pouches are as big as twelve to eighteen inches in size. In addition, you can laminate items as small as a business card or a credit card if you wish.
  4. We liked the fact that the SM330 has a temperature control allowing the user to adjust the heat in which the machine operates. If the blades are coming out cloudy heat can increase, or decrease the heat if the documents are curly or wavy.


  1. If you have any experience at all with the size of the bag 10mil laminate, you know that if you run without a carrier, are very likely to leave adhesive deposits on the rollers of the machine. Although the SM330 is well positioned on a table top of the machine that lets the user know which setting to use for the bag thick, soon realize that there is no scenario shows 10mil bags with a carrier. This means that if you choose to process 10mil bags sans company, you really need to make sure you run a clean sheet even if the machine regularly to to prevent accumulation of adhesive. You can also try to publish their bags 10mil in the highest values of heat and see if they have enough heat to completely seal.
  2. The operating speed of the SM330 is around twelve to fourteen inches per minute. This is not bad for a speed of a laminating machine at this price. However, companies that will be rolling largest volumes of documents you want to see a machine that can run a little faster.
  3. We found that SM330 became quite warm to the touch during normal operation. The user is warned of this in both the manual and a label on the top of the machine. However, we think it best that all users of the machine be trained in advance so they are aware of this fact. Children should not be allowed the scope of the machine while in use.

If you are looking for more information on the Tamerica Tashin SM330 Laminator or would like to purchase one for your office, you should really check out MyBinding.com. They have a great price on this machine and they carry one of the largest selections of Laminating Pouches available on the internet. Plus, they offer free shipping on all orders over $75. You can’t beat that.

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