Pouch Passport

Pouch Passport
What is the money belt best for me?

Next year I will be in Europe, especially Rome, for about four months and I was wondering what is the best money belt / bag? am a boy, and I wondered what people thought of the current bands? It seems that the passports are not adjusted. And on the bags? They look great and hard to get her things, as you have to go to the bathroom every time. Also on the portfolios of front pocket, do you think are good enough? or only good for carrying around small amount of money in his pocket itsnot alone. Everyone seems useful, but they all seem very practical, I really sounds better, but probably are uncomfortabe ankle straps (unless you wear socks to the knee) Thanks for all the answers.

We bought a belt money for our first trip to Rome and used it exactly one day. You get all sweaty under it and it is so difficult to treat. Carry your wallet in front pocket and anytime you are in a crowd, keep your hand on it. Do not let anyone distract you. Ignore and move on.

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