Pouch Leather

Pouch Leather
Native American leather bag?

I have an uncle who went and gave me a small leather bag belonging to him. I did not open out of respect, but wondered what is it / what does it mean? it feels like there may be two stones inside, and is tied to a leather cord, which has a colored beads in it. He was not native, but was very involved with indigenous beliefs and spirituality. I was told I had to do with the native culture, but would like to know what it is. Please only Respond if you know about culture … is not a medicine bag.

leave your uncle made specifically for you? if so, what's inside was for you have. its hard to know what is inside but usually from his staff to anyone to whom it belongs. could be something that had to be reminded of an event or place. could be something that was in charge of a member of the tribe for a specific purpose. if you know what tribe was involved, then I would start there for responses. bring it to them and ask. good luck.

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