Porthole Briefcase

Porthole Briefcase
What bag should I choose?

so I'm looking for a new backpack. im at school. female. here are four I like but if you know if there is any the prettiest out there please tell me! I'm a fan of messenger bags. rarely use a messenger bag men because those are the ones I like http://www.fossil.com/en_US/shop/men/bags/messenger_bags/ew_messenger_decker-mbg1165p.html?departmentCategoryId=30001&N=0&Ns .. = P_msc2% 7C% 7C0% 7C0% 7Cp_weight and rec pn = 5 & c = & ImagePath = http://www MBG1165222 http://www.amazon.com/BED-STU-BedStu-Sobel-Messenger/dp/B002DPV1QC .shopbags.com/Leather- # Business-Cases/Piel-Traditional-Flap-Portfolio.asp features http://www.amazon.com/David-King-Porthole-Briefcase-Shoulder/dp/B000FGSD1M

I like the style of the first and second, but I prefer an all leather bag instead of a tarp & leather (the amazon one), so there was a selection of the fossil. And no, no rarely use messenger bags for men. I personally love them and I wear them too:)

A Brief Case of Love (short film)

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