Porter Case

Porter Case
Rate my team … … 1-10 rating advice please?

Starters (for now) Carson Palmer Clinton Portis Thomas Jones to Donte 'Stallworth Jeremy Shockey Bears Defense Mike Vanderjagt backup, Eli Manning, Frank Gore Ladell Betts (in case Portis goes down) Jerry Porter Deion Branch Redskins Chris Cooley Shayne Graham Defense

As you can see in Carson is good pre-season knee and he is not afraid to take a hit. Clinton Portis is an impressive lap, but I'm not sure about his injury and if he will return in a week, or if it does completely. TJ Duckett picked up right after that you have to wonder if there is something else to the injury or if it's just for insurance. Thomas Jones had a good enough season last year, we hope to continue. If it is not doing well after 3 or 4 weeks it overturned. A is either a hit or miss. I'm thinking it will have a good season but you never know with him. I see only good things come from Stallworth and McNabb will be throwing to him. Shockey one of the best of the Bears defense is one of the best, you can not write in them and have a lot of takeaways. begin Shayne Graham on Vanderjadt I would dump Betts. IMO I do not pick 2 of the same team behind unless it was in Denver. Keep checking on the status of Deion Branch if not sees nothing happens for 3 or 4 weeks he quit. You do not want to lose a point on it. In fact, I would give up a kicker and defense. I hate losing more than one position in the roster of each. I'd rather have more skill players.

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